1 October 2017

Instruction 2017


The 36th Wiking Window Paide-Türi Public Race is organised by non-profit company Paide-Türi Rahvajooks in cooperation with Paide Town and Türi Rural Municipality. The race is arranged in accordance with international race regulations and this instruction.
The 36th Viking Window Paide – Türi Public Race takes place on 1st of October 2017.

1. Age groups and distances
Paide-Türi distance 13.6 km
Age groups (according to years of birth):
MN13 2004 and later
MN14 2003-2002
MN16 2001-2000
MN18 1999-1997
MN21 1996-1983
MN35 1982-1973
MN45 1972-1963
MN55 1962-1953
MN65 1952 and earlier

Kirna-Türi distance 6.5 km
Age groups (according to years of birth):
MN11 2006 and later
MN12 2005-2004
MN14 2003-2002
MN16 2001-2000
MN18 1999 and earlier

Kids' races
3–6 years old – distance 100-400 m
7–9 years old – distance about 1000 m
10–11 years old – distance about 2500 m
At the kids' races, records are taken for each age groups separately (e.g. for 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, etc.).
The age group of a child depends on how old he/she is on the day of the race.
Only those kids who were born after 1st of October 2005 (i.e. are younger than 12) can take part in the kids' races.

2. Start times
Paide–Türi distance – in front of Paide Culture Centre at 12:30
Kirna–Türi distance (incl. Nordic walkers) – in Kirna at 12:00
Kids' races – at Paide Culture Centre at 10:00
– at Türi Town Stadium at 10:00
To avoid throng at the start line, the competitors may be divided into start groups according to their race numbers. The areas for the groups are marked. The ones who started in a wrong group will be disqualified.

3. Interim finishes and finish:
The main races have 3–10 interim finishes.
The finishes of the Paide–Türi and Kirna–Türi distances are at the Türi Town Stadium.
The kids' races in Paide take place in the streets and start and finish at the Paide Culture Centre.
The kids' races in Türi take place in the streets and start and finish at the Türi Town Stadium.
The time limit for the race distances of 13.6 and 6.5 km is 2 hours. The entrance to the finish closes at 14:00 for those who started in Kirna, and at 14:30 for those who started in Paide. Those who exceed the time limit are regarded as interrupted and are taken to the finish by bus, if necessary. There are two drink stations during the 13.6 km race: at 7.5 km in Kirna and in Türi-Alliku. The 6.5 km race has one drink station – in Türi-Alliku.
When reaching the finish, the runner or walker must have the race number visible on his/her chest. Without the number, they are not allowed into the finish area.

4. Timing
Timing takes place with electronic timing chips. The chips and other start materials will be given to the participants in the main race at the Paide Culture Centre from 9:00 to 12:15 and to those who start in Kirna in the Kirna Community Centre from 10:00 to 11:45 on the day of the race. Disposable timing chips are attached to the reverse side of the race number. The chips will not be returned at the finish line.
In order to avoid needless bustle with timing, the race number should be properly fixed on the participant's chest and must not be lost during the race. For further information about the use of timing chips on the website, see Ajavõtt.

5. Registration
The pre-registration of participants takes place until 5 p.m. (17:00) on 29th of September:
(1) On the website of the Paide–Türi Race www.rahvajooks.ee. The attendance fees must also be paid by that deadline. All the people who have pre-registered but have not paid by that deadline will be deleted from the preliminary list of participants.
(2) Registration on the day of the race, 1st of October, is only possible to register:
in Paide Culture Center 9am-12am;
in Kirna Community Center 10am-11:30am;
in the Union of Türi Sports Clubs at 9 Kalevi Str, Türi;
in Türi Swimming Pool at 60 Tallinna Str, Türi.
(3) Students of Järvamaa schools can pre-register at their schools.
(5) Companies, sports clubs and schools can pre-register with electronic lists and pay on the basis of invoices.
(6) If the distance, participant's name, et al. is required to be changed, it can be done free until 18 September. From 18th of September to 30 of September, changes are charged EUR 5. On 30 of September–2nd October no changes can be made.

6. Attendance fees
Pre-registration with the first special price takes place until 31 May and with the second special price until 31 August (incl.). Pre-registration with the regular price takes place in the period from 1st of September to 5 p.m. (17:00) on 29th of September. On the race day, the race day prices are charged for registration.
Until 31 May Until 31 August 1 -30 Sept. On the race day
Adults 12.- 17.- 22.- 30.-
Students of basic and secondary schools and pensioners 7.- 9.- 12.- 20.-
Kids’ races for 0-11-year-olds 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.-
The attendance fee includes:
- race number;
- information materials at start line;
- timing chip and timing on main distances;
- water at drinks stations;
- medal for each participant at the finish line;
- medical help if needed;
- transport to the finish place for interrupters;
- catering at Türi stadium;
- washing facilities for men in Türi Town Gym and for women in Türi Co-educational Gymnasium (Türi Ühisgümnaasium).
In the Türi Swimming Pool it is possible to wash, swim and take the sauna according to the current pricelist: http://www.hot.ee/tyriujula/. The entry for the race participants on the race day when showing the race number is half-price.
The attendance fee is not refunded when the person gives up participation. The attendance fee is not refunded if the race is cancelled due to reasons not dependant on the organisers (force majeure).

7. Results
The current results are published as preliminary unofficial results, and the official results are published by 15:00 on 9th of October 2017 on the information board after the finish line and on the website of the public race.

8. Prize-giving
All the competitors who finish the Paide–Türi Public Race (incl. the kids' races) are awarded with medals.
Ten best men and five best women of the Paide–Türi distance are awarded with cups and mementos. Three best participants of each age group of both the Paide–Türi and Kirna–Türi distances are awarded with cups. The prize-giving ceremony is held at the Türi Town Stadium at 13:45.
In the kids' races, three best boys and three best girls of each age group of 7–11 years are awarded with cups at the finish line after their races. All the participants of the age groups of 3-6 years are given sweets.

9. Transport arrangements
Buses take the participants to the start lines as follows:
from Türi to Kirna and Paide – starting from 10:30;
from Paide Culture Centre to Kirna – at 10:15.
For further information on the website, see Bussiinfo.
After the prize-giving ceremony of the main races, the competitors are transported from the Türi Stadium to Paide.
The competitors can leave their clothes on the buses at the Paide Culture Centre until 12:20 and at the start line in Kirna until 11:50. After that, the buses head for the Türi Stadium.
Please take the lost property you have found to the information station at the Türi Stadium.

10. Further information:
On the website of the Paide–Türi Public Race: www.rahvajooks.ee
By e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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